• The size is great, since it is flexible no half sizes are needed. I cannot say enough great things about this ring worked out super at the gym, no pinching and didn't even notice that I was wearing it.  I've bought several different brands and love this one most of all, and love the symbol- it helps keep me motivated and just super pumped 🙂 about working out, since I just got back into it!

  • I've purchased a few different brands of silicone band rings lately. They were all okay in their own ways but I wasn't sold on this alternative until Wodbottom. For starters, the colors are true to what's pictured. The fit is perfect. They are slightly domed to give some presence but not enough to be uncomfortable between the fingers or impede movement. I think the company logo is adorable and adds a whimsical touch.

  • Absolutely love my ring!!! My husband and I fish a lot and do other things that require me to get my hands dirty so this is a perfect ring to have. It's so comfortable and half the time I don't even notice it's there! Plus the fact that it glows in the dark is so fun!!!

  • This ring is wonderful! I lift weights, do a lot of hiking, help my husband with wood-working, and get my hands dirty in the kitchen cooking. While I love all things glitter and sparkles my original wedding ring was not liking my range of daily activities. I would take my ring off a lot to preserve it but then found myself without a ring for the whole day. I decided it was time to buy a silicone ring.

  • WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE! The color is great and pops off my pale skin- plus the heart with dumbbell behind it? Genius! (way better than a gem) I go about my day and feel like there is nothing on my finger. I can shower, cook, workout and do anything and the ring withstands all. I would say that this ring is pretty true to size. Though if you were in-between sizes I say opt to go down a size. It also does not look like cheap silicone, in fact it is very cute! Also, not too chunky around the finger for being a thicker band. I found the band to be just right.

  • Purchased for my wife to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary! She was very surprised and quite excited about the ring and the ability to wear a symbol that is very important to her. Wearing a diamond ring to work for a nurse who has to wear multiple pairs of rubber gloves through out the day, is just not possible. And going to the gym every morning, well it just goes without saying, this was the gift of the decade between us. Thank you.