The Games are over, so now what?

The CrossFit Games have come to a close, and what a competition it was!  We were thrilled to see one of our favorites, Annie Thorisdottir make the podium for the 1st time since 2014!  We also have to admit that Kara Web and Tia-Clair Toomey look to be unstoppable.  On the men’s side we were not surprised to see Mat Fraser come away victorious once again, but we were excited to see Brent Fikowski take 2nd place in only his 2nd year!










While we were not at the Games as a vendor this year, we were able to scope things out and see what it is that we would like to do for next year.  Madison was the perfect location for the Games and it was such a well done event.  We cannot wait to be a part of it next year, especially with it being just a few miles away. 

With so many events throughout Wisconsin and larger events throughout the state, we are lucky to find ourselves keeping very busy.  While it looks like we may not make the Granite Games this year, we do have many events coming up that we plan to be at.  Including:


19th Bombshells and Barbells at CrossFit UXO


23rd Shipwreck Team Competition at Harbor Park CrossFit


21st Graveyard Games at CrossFit Kenosha 


11th Bullet Point Faction Games by Bullet Point Competition Series

20th Fall Brawl at CrossFit Menomonee Falls


1st-3rd Gameday Championships


11-14th Wodapalooza Miami Fitness Festival

27th-28th The Fittest Games  Austin, TX

Custom Barbella Box Headband

We are also excited to share that we recently did custom headbands for the July Barbella Box.  If you haven’t checked them out, you can do so at  Barbella Box is a monthly package filled with premium Functional Fitness apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more exclusively for women.

Pre-Order Booty Shorts

Our Pre-Order Booty Shorts have been a huge success and you can still reserve a pair at a significant discount until August 15th.  We are scheduled to ship them by September 15th and you can find them at 

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