Why the silicone wedding ring is taking over the wedding ring market.

Not too long ago no one had even heard of a silicone wedding ring, but now they are quietly gaining traction as people fall in love with the comfort and practicality.

CrossFit athletes like Alyssa Christian, Kristen Graham, and Rachel Campbell started wearing WodBottom silicone wedding rings just while working out so their expensive rings didn’t get scratched.  But they and thousands of others started keeping them on all the time instead of wearing their traditional metal rings.

When Than proposed to me, he did so with a beautiful gold and diamond ring that he spent months researching and saving for.  Of course I love the ring, but back then we hadn’t started WodBottom and so didn’t know about silicone wedding rings.   Now years later, I almost never wear the expensive ring.  Not only because its just a tad loose and it spins around, but I also snag it while around the house and have even hurt my finger.  I have said many times, now that we created WodBottom, that I would have been happy with a silicone wedding ring instead of the fancy diamond ring.

And my thoughts are not alone.  I have seen more and more people use silicone wedding rings for their proposal and wedding ring.  The average person spends $5,000 on a fancy engagement ring.  Just imagine what you could do with $5000 other than wearing it on your hand!

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