Lifting Heavy weights, or as we like to say “picking up heavy s*#t and putting it down, has often been thought of as a fringe workout that only a few muscle heads do.  This is probably because of the common misconception that you have to have bulging muscles that are thicker than your neck. But, it is actually one of the best workouts out there for overall fitness. Heavy weights are for everyone and here is a quick list of a few reasons why you should start lifting weights:

Stronger Bones

Research has shown that lifting heavy weights can actually strengthen the bones in our body. When we lift weights, we actually strengthen and maintain bone mass, making it stronger over time. Not only does lifting weight fortify bones, it also helps strengthens bone tissue and connective ligaments, making the muscles around our bones stronger and healthier. You can also greatly increase your bone density if you regularly lift weights.

Prevents Injury

Lifting heavy weights is not just good for strengthening your muscle groups; it also helps in preventing injury. As mentioned earlier, lifting weights helps with muscles and bones, but also in connecting tissues in our joints, which are the most susceptible to injury. Preventing injury is especially important for professional athletes, who rely on their bodies to make a living. But even if you are not an athlete, lifting heavy weights can still help in strengthening your body and preventing injury when you work out or exercise.

Aesthetic Appearance

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of lifting heavy weights is how it makes our bodies look. When we regularly lift heavy weights, our bodies get that lean and sculpted look. This is one of the top reasons why most people take up heavy weight lifting. Heavy weight lifting helps in toning the muscles that we have developed through workouts and exercise, which emphasizes the shape and size of our muscles. This creates the sculpted body look that most people look for when they work out.

Helps Burn more Calories

There have been studies that have shown that those who add weight lifting to their workout regimen actually burn more calories than those that just workout with the usual cardio and calisthenics. These studies have shown that those that add heavy weight lifting actually burn twice as more calories, and in fact, it even showed that those who heavy weight train burn calories longer, sometimes even hours after their weight training has ended.

Gain Confidence

As with any strenuous exercise and workout, lifting weights helps with our attitude and mindset, and promotes confidence and poise. This is because the simple act of lifting something significant can be empowering and affects our psyche. This is not just because we look good and feel good, but also because of the mental strength that you have gained from weight lifting exercises. This reflects in our attitude as confidence and self-assurance.

Improves Overall Health

There have been several studies that show that heavy weight lifting has several more health benefits, beyond the direct impact of cardiovascular workouts. The most basic health benefits are the usual exercise and work out benefits such as helping our heart and lungs, and decreasing the fat in our bodies. But there are also a lot more benefits. This is because of the short bursts of intense workouts that weight lifters experience during their sessions. These workouts trigger protein synthesis, helps with our metabolism and with how we process the energy that we have when we workout.

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